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MR. BOSS ✪ :

Arindum Batabyal (Marketing Advisor), Sumangal Dutta(CMO) & Mark Wood (Momento Team) will be joining us to share their views about Momento With us..

@Mark_Wood99 @Mark_Wood99 @Robotdoesit 🎉

Mark Wood, Ari both welcomed the invite to proceed for the introduction segment.


Nice to have you aboard guys

First of al,
Please introduce yourself to our Community Before Moving to Basic Questions..

@ari2405:Sure 😊

I am Arindam Batabyal, Chief Marketing Advisor at Momento !

@Robotdoesit:I am Sumangal Dutta, CMO at Momento😇

@Mark_Wood99:Hi I’m Mark and I’m part of the tech team at Momento

MR. BOSS ✪ : cool. So,
What Momento Actually is? Can You Tell Us More About Momento?

@ari2405 : Momento is a DEFI+NFT project that aims to solve some of the most important problems that we face in the NFT industry right now. We see a lot of projects where people do not understand the kind of NFTs they are buying 😄

On top of that, another issue that arises is with the illiquidity of these NFTs. It’s not possible to sell these NFTs unless another person is willing to buy so unlike a token where if it dips, you might end up losing only a portion of your investment, for the NFTs you might end up losing your entire investment. This is where we come into the picture by incentivizing our people to buy the NFTs and to provide them a way through which they can earn through the NFTs they buy. 😊

So for all of our NFTs, we’ll be providing a one of a kind staking feature where people just stake their NFTs in a pool and get Momento Tokens as a reward. Less than 3% of the projects out there provide such a feature and we aim to provide the easiest way in which someone would be able to stake NFTs. It’ll just be a couple of clicks 😊

We do not aim to create NFTs which are hard for people to understand. For example, there was an invisible rock that sold for a lot of money and people were going crazy as to why it went for that much money. Our NFTs would be easy to understand, yet elegant and would have its worth even without any additional perks with it as you’ll be seeing soon once the NFTs are out. On top of this, we provide features as mentioned above that will enable the NFT holders to earn through the NFTs they buy. So it’s like passive income for people, reducing their risk with the NFTs they buy and a lot of additional perks that will enable them to earn 👍😊


MR. BOSS ✪: interesting…

List Some Of the Exciting Features Of Momento That makes Momento Special Among Other Projects.

@ari2405 : Okay so MOMENTO is a multi-utility coin:

We provide our holders with an array of reasons to hold on to Momento 🚀🚀

1. In order to Buy the NFTs, people will have to use MOMENTO and a portion of this would be burnt thereby reducing supply over time and making our tokens as rare as the NFTs we create.

2. The staking rewards from the NFTs would be provided in Momento tokens itself.

3. We’ll be having additional staking features for the Momento token itself.

4. There will be token redistribution to the Momento holders from every transaction that takes place so it’s passive income for just hodling.

5. The NFT holders will be getting a portion of the revenue generated from the subsequent NFT sales and this would be in Momento tokens itself 😃

6. We also have a governance feature planned where the token holders would be getting a say in the future proposals of the project such as the Kinds of NFT categories, redistribution, etc.

Coming to the kinds of NFTs, we’ll be having 2 broad categories of NFTs:

1. Cryptocurrencies — Where we portray the journey of some of the most prominent cryptocurrencies out there. We will also be having partnerships with other crypto projects in order to collaborate for an NFT collection together.

2. General — So here we will be displaying some of the most iconic and fascinating moments of the past decade. This is a broad category and we’ll be having specific categories within this as we move on. Here the Governance feature of Momento comes into play as well.

NFT Staking

Anorther important feature, rather the most import feature would be the NFT staking. This is where we take it up a notch and deliver beyond expectations. The staking model is prepared in such a way that it’ll be really easy for the users to understand what needs to be done and how to stake. It’ll just be a couple of clicks and you’ll start to earn Momento tokens.
So basically how it works is there will be a pool which contains MOMENTO staking reward tokens. Once the NFTs are deposited into this pool, the NFT holder starts to earn MOMENTO tokens as rewards. It’s as simple as that 😊👍

@crypto2077 ✪:Cool

Which marketplace can we use to buy those nfts?

@ari2405 : We are planning to list our NFTs on Opensea and we also have plans to come up with our own NFT Marketplace in near future where people can buy, stake NFTs seamlessly 😊👍

MR. BOSS ✪:That’s great

What are you trying to bring in this Ecosystem? What’s Your Aim ?

@ari2405 : As a DeFi+NFT Project, we aim to add a lot to the current ecosystem :

1. We intend to provide a one-of-a-kind staking feature to our hodlers which not many projects are doing rightnow.
2. The staking rewards from the NFTs would be provided in Momento tokens itself.
3. We also have a governance feature planned where the token holders would be getting a say in the
future proposals of the project such as the Kinds of NFT categories, redistribution, etc.


@crypto2077✪ : That’s nice

Is there Be Any Events/Product Releases Planned For the near Future?

@ari2405 : Oh Yes ! This is the most exciting part 😊

On 13th October, We are going to get featured on Burj Khalifa for 3 whole minutes . That’s Right!!!! 🤩🥳🚀🚀

This is something that we very excited about as this is not something a lot of other projects have done. Only a couple of projects like Safemoon and Kishu Inu have done such a thing and that was after they reached a billion dollar marketcap.

We are doing this with just a million dollar marketcap so imagine the kind of attention that this would bring. We are currently in talks with a few celebrities as well to get them up on Burj and introduce Momento to the world!! 🤩😊

Apart from this, we will also be participating in the biggest NFT event for the year, the WOW summit in Dubai during the crypto month of October. We will be displaying our NFTs there in front of a lot of big profiles and on top of that our Leaders would be giving a keynote speech in front of all the crypto enthusiasts. 🥳🥳

Along with this, We will have a MOMENTO WRAPPED LAMBO at the entrance of the event and people wearing our Mascot’s costume and walking around. We have done everything possible to ensure that the entire event is going to be about Momento!! The Burj event and the WOW summit will be done together in order to ensure that there is maximum impact! 🚀🚀

@crypto2077 ✪ : 🤩that’s huge



@crypto2077 ✪: Ok here is the first question from Twitter

NFT is the hottest thing that blows the minds of investors and developers around the world, but it doesn’t guarantee the success of an NFT project. How can #MOMENTO ‘survive’ around hundreds of NFT projects in this Field ?

BY : @AdiratnaFarah

@Robotdoesit : Good Question.

So majority of the other NFT projects sell their NFTs and that’s it. You buy it hoping that you’ll be able to sell it at a higher price. Here again the concept of illiquidity comes into picture.
If it was a coin you could sell and atleast salvage a portion of it. But with NFTs you could end up losing the entire thing If another buyer is not there. This is where we come into the picture and solve this issue through our revenue generation model 🤩

So there are multiple ways in which you could earn through the NFTs you buy:

1. Staking — You can stake the NFTs and start earning MOMENTO tokens in just a couple of clicks.
2. Revenue redistribution — The NFTs would be sold in batches. So the earlier batch holders of NFTs get redistributed the revenue that’s generated from the subsequent sale of NFTs. This gives the holders passive income and a reason not to sell the NFTs and drastically reduces the risk of illiquidity as you still earn even if there’s no one else to buy.
3. Exclusive deals — So we’ll be getting featured on BURJ KHALIFA and participate in the WOW summit. This is just the beginning and there are more to follow. In the future, there will be more events to which the NFT and MOMENTO holders will have access to.
4. Governance — The NFT projects that fail are mainly because they do not consider the community factor in it. They do what they think is best instead of taking the opinion of the community into consideration as well. So we basically will have a Governance feature where the holders will be able to vote on the kind of NFTs they want, revenue redistribution model,etc.
As said, we aim to be a community driven project by all means.😊

We basically provide features which no other project provides and we’re crushing it at the moment in terms of our roadmap and accomplishments and we continue to move forward in the same manner!


@crypto2077 ✪: Could you tell us your short term expectations ? Do you think that #MOMENTO in the future can perform better and get involved in more projects?

BY : @FelonKUsk

@Robotdoesit : Okay so in the short term we have a lot of exciting things coming up :

1. BURJ KHALIFA — We’ll be getting featured on Burj Khalifa on 13th October at 8.40 pm local time for 3 whole minutes. This is the day when the entire world gets to know about us and there will be our Mascot and a celebrity explaining what MOMENTO Is all about. We will also be officially revealing the 3-D version of our Mascot on BURJ KHALIFA 🔥

2. WOW SUMMIT — So we’ll be participating in the WOW summit where our leaders would be give a Keynote speech in front of some of the most known personalities in the Crypto space. We will also be displaying our NFTs during the event. There will be a MOMENTO WRAPPED LAMBO at the entrance and multiple people wearing the costume of our Mascot at the event. We’ve done everything possible to ensure that all eyes are going to be on us.
So it’s lambo time (Literally!)

3. NFTs — We will be releasing the first batch of our NFTs along with the 3-D version of our Mascot within the next 2 weeks.

4. NFT Staking — The NFT staking will go live right after the NFTs are out. This will be a simple process and it’ll just be a couple of clicks.

5. CEX listing and fiat to crypto gateway — We are currently in talks with a couple of CEXs and fiat to crypto gateways and the announcement for this can be expected soon.

6. Whitepaper — We’ll have our whitepaper release within the next week or so.

7. Influencer marketing — We have massive influencer marketing planned for the coming weeks and this along with the Burj Khalifa event and the WOW summit should be a blast.

Apart from this, recently we partnered with MTGY and we have a lot of other exciting partnerships that are coming along real quick. (HINT: EROS)😉


Mark Wood : That’s the 2-D version of our Mascot btw ☺️ The 3-D version would be revealed on Burj Khalifa 🔥

@crypto2077 ✪: You said that you do not want to be a project where users just buy the NFTs, rather you aim to be a project where users can earn through the NFTs they buy.
tell me how you’re going to Achieve Your Aims?

BY : @Wormz29

@Robotdoesit : Okay so there are multiple ways in which you’ll be able to earn in this project:

1. NFT Staking — Our one of a kind NFT staking mechanism would enable you to earn from the NFTs you buy in just a couple of clicks
2. Token Staking — We will also be having staking for our native token where you’ll be able to stake Momento and start earning.
3. Revenue redistribution — The sales from the NFTs get redistributed to the NFT holders so the holders are incentivized as they get passive income for just holding.
4. HODLING — You earn passive income through our redistribution mechanism just for Holding on to MOMENTO.


@crypto2077 ✪: I heard you are participating in WOW Summit and Is Momento is featured in Burj Khalifa? Can you tell us more about this exciting event of Momento?

BY : @Only_nikk_

@Robotdoesit : Absolutely!

Okay so it’s finally official and this is something that we are very excited about. No other project in the crypto industry has done such a thing in a short span of time. We will be getting featured on BURJ KHALIFA for 3 whole minutes where we will be explaining about our project to the entire world and the explanation would be done by our Mascot and a Celebrity (This is going to be a surprise) with the help of infographics. We will be capturing this with drones from multiple angles and then make it go viral all over through social media and PR. We also have an AR Experience planned where people would be able to scan the QR code and take pictures with our Mascot. As told earlier, we have massive things planned for MOMENTO and It hasn’t even started yet. We want the whole world to know about Momento and we won’t stop until we get there! ☺️

We will also be participating in the WOW Summit, which is the biggest NFT and blockchain event for the year and a lot of other high profiles from the crypto community would be present in the same. Our leaders would be giving a keynote speech on NFTs and how we are solving the issue that currently pertains in this industry. We would also be displaying our NFTs at the event. In order to ensure that we have all the attention on our project, we are going to get a MOMENTO WRAPPED LAMBO at the entrance of the summit and we will also have people wearing a costume of our MASCOT walking around during the summit along with merchandise that would be distributed. We will ensure that the entire Summit is going to be about MOMENTO! 🤩

These are massive events and will happen back to back so you can imagine the kind of impact this is going to have!😌


@crypto2077 ✪: More hype and pump incoming 🚀

Q-5 There will be a 10% tax on each transaction. How do you convince the users that the decision of 10% transaction fee is the accurate one for the Momento in order to be sustainable platform?

BY : @caretaker_em9

@Robotdoesit : So the split of the 10% tax has been well thought out by our developers. The 3% Liquidity is something that helps us in creating a price floor over a period of time and ensures that the long term holders are benefitted the most. The 3% redistribution ensures that people get a decent passive income for just HODLING on to Momento. Here also, over a longer period, the tokens received by the holders would be huge.
Then we have a 4% tax which gets accumulated in ETH which ensures that there are no massive dumps that can happen as the Buyback wallet protects the price in such scenarios. So basically this is an anti-dump measure. This wallet has already accumulated a massive amount of ETH btw!😍
This is exactly why we believe we have a sustainable model in terms of tokenomics as all the above functions are aimed at helping the growth and sustainability of the project. Unlike other projects, we did not keep any % towards marketing or development as we want this to be a community driven project!


@crypto2077 ✪ : Nice Tokenomics

That was the last question from this round


@tonicscientist :Partners are very important for every project today, may I know which partners you have now? and which partners in the future you will be heading to?

@Robotdoesit : Okay so currently we have already formed a strategic partership with Moontography ($MTGY). We are curretly using their Atomic swap function for our cross-chain as we believe it’s the best in the market. There have been no complaints or delays whatsoever. The creator of MTGY is also our developer who happens to be the developer of FLOKI INU as well 😉
Over the past few days we had partnership talks with some of the big names in the industry but I can’t reveal all of that before it’s final (HINT : EROS). I’ll tell you this much that you won’t be disappointed. We are going to disrupt the NFT industry through these partnerships 🔥

@garret1toliver :Do you have AUDIT credentials or are you working to AUDIT your project, to make it more secure and reliable??

@Robotdoesit : We are already audited by Techrate and we are in the process of getting an audit done from Certik as well. Apart from just an audit, we are also in partnership talks with them so let’s see how that goes :)
Rest assured, our protocol is safe. Everything has been well thought out and our development team is the best in the business which you’ll know about soon :)

@MrPumpkinMuffins : How do you plan to spread awareness about your project in different countries where English is not good? Do you have local communities like Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea,.. so they can better understand your project?

@Robotdoesit : Hey yes for us as a community driven project, we consider it our top priority to have a really big and strong community and that includes people from all over the world. We are planning to start with the Chinese, Turkish, Vietnamese, Indian and some Arab communities very soon. That’s just a start and we are trying to hire people from all kinds of communities so that it can be well managed :)
Once that’s done we’ll do viral marketing campaigns like the BURJ KHALIFA event or the WOW summit for such specific communities as well in order to raise awareness :)

@Dorlamaxey88 : So many projects just like to speak about the “long term vision and mission” but what are your short terms objectives? What are you focusing right now?

@Robotdoesit : Right now our focus is to build a very strong community and we believe we are getting there. We are right at the top of Coinsniper today if you noticed and that’s a testament of the kind of community that we have and we’ll do everything to continue to build on top of this. We have a really cool usecase that can be used by a lot of projects which is why we have been getting requests from multiple projects to partner with them. Through this, we basically get access to their community as well.
We also have viral marketing campaigns as mentioned earlier in order to raise awareness and give this project the attention that it deserves.
Our NFTs, Whitepaper, staking, partnerships, etc. are also part of our short term objectives and all of them are almost ready. We are just waiting for the right time to get it out so that it has maximum impact 😊

@fausto_langford : Does your project support staking program? if yes. how is your stake system work, what is the requirement for user if they want to stake in your platform? Do you have a Token Burning plan to increase Token value and attract Investors to invest?

@Robotdoesit : Right so the staking is quite simple. There will be a pool into which the Momento tokens meant for staking rewards would be deposited by the team. All that the NFT holders need to do is click a button and their staking function is active and they start to earn Momento tokens as staking rewards.
Apart from this, we will also have staking for our Native token Momento as well that’s going to be live soon :)

Yes we do have a burning mechanism.
So at launch itself 26% of the supply was burned. Apart from this there will be additonal burns through a portion of the revenue that’s generated from token sale. This would be used to buyback and burn tokens which leads to immediate price impact (UP). So you can expect the price action to be good around our NFT release time.
We also have a 4% tax for buyback and burn that’s built into the tokenomics which is accumulated in ETH and BNB. This can only be used to buyback the tokens and once bought, it automatically gets burnt, thereby immediately increasing the price and reducing the supply. This is also one of out anti-dump mesures.

Unlike other projects, we do not burn it just to make it look deflationary. We bring actual value to it. What we are trying to do through our burning mechanism is to make our tokens as rare as the NFTs that we create🔥

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